Monday, July 6, 2015

1st Annual Team Gibbons - 4th of July Celebration

This weekend was our 1st Annual Team Gibbons 4th of July Celebration!  Another SUCCESSFUL event for our growing blended family!

G2 hitching a piggy back ride on C4.
Events on military bases tend to be VERY structured.  At our nearby base, if you want to put up a canopy then you have to rent a spot in "tent city".  We have a white canopy which helps reflect the sun AWAY and that also has 4 walls of netting. LOVE LOVE LOVE our canopy!

We were able to have a front row seat to the parachute performance by the US Army Black Daggers!

As you can imagine --- we spent 10 minutes staring into the sky to watch the parachute show!! Thank goodness for my sunglasses!

H3 and G2 had a beat box competition and C4 wanted HELP to escape from his dad and brother.

 G2 even had a guitar solo to the music performances!

G2 made new friends and played a little Pokemon!

They even played a little football -- GREAT ACTION SHOT G2!!!

C4 and H3 played cards...

and attempted to play Boggle.... but spent 20 minutes trying to fix the boggle game and then gave up!

Once the Boggle game was fixed, H3 decided to play the game with his own rules.  In the picture below H3 is tracing the words with his fingers and counting each as he goes.  Trust me when I say his count of 85,000 was slightly exaggerated.

The fireworks started about 20 minutes earlier than the base schedule indicated.  So much for the structure of a military base!!!  Perhaps the drizzling of rain is what encouraged them to start the fireworks finale earlier...

My favorite picture of the night is the one you can barely see of all three of my boys together watching the fireworks....  #PricelessMoments #TeamGibbons

Well this is another item scratched off our 2015 Summer Bucket List.  Now onto our next item --- I wonder what it will be?!?!


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