Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 Things To Accomplish Summer 2015

Our family summer theme this year is --- Blending.

As some of your may know H3 and I are newlyweds.  Since we each have children from previous relationships we made the executive decision to spend the summer blending our beautiful family, haters and all!

We have given this a lot of thought and here is our list of 10 things to accomplish over this summer that we believe we help us accomplish our goal!

2. Decrease the amount of TV shows that we dedicate our DVR to.

3. Start a new tradition for our new family

4. Convince H3 that he needs work on his smoked brisket recipe and offer to be his outbreak money /  taste tester. :)

5. Take at least ONE trip to the beach

6. Family walk at least twice a week in the evenings - including Cadence!

7. Start AND COMPLETE a furniture project.

9. Play Foot Golf .

10. Go fishing as a family.

As we accomplish each of our summer goals I will add another blog post and link it to the corresponding goal.

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