Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why All The Damn Cups!!!!!

Can anybody else relate to this image???  
I cannot stand for different cups to be used throughout the day by ONE individual.
(image below says it all...)

It can get a little difficult keeping up with which cup belongs to who especially if everybody is drinking the same thing and all the cups are the same....
These are the glasses my family insist on using.
It is also difficult to determine who's cup belongs to who even if they all have a different drink when the cups they insist on using are glasses that are dark in color.  Can you guess what is in each of the glasses below???   Maybe it is water, kool aid, or lemonade.
Can you guess what is in each glass above?
I decided I was going to assign cups to everybody.  Many of the suggestions I discovered were to assign certain cup color to each person. I agree color cups are the best solution for most families but in my family I have 3 kids; my 40 year old husband, our oldest who is 20 and our youngest who is 10. Since our ages are spread across multiple decades and because the above glasses turned me away from any cup that has a color, I believe the best solution to be a Tervis design cup!
Perfect solution to unknown cups
You can buy them just about any department store and even Bed Bath and Beyond but I actually bought mine at the actual Tervis boutique store in downtown historic Savannah while on my mini honeymoon last month. It is right across the street from The Lady's and Sons restaurant owned by Paula Deen.  You can't miss it!!!

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