Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GPS Hell! #HateTheSlash

Today, GPS systems, regardless of stand alone or via app are vital to our transportation needs and have become more and more robust over the years. It is an excellent tool that has made my family vacations and commutes to unfamiliar areas worry-free and making the big folding map and three feet by two feet Atlas book obsolete.   YEAH FOR THAT!!!

Sometimes this wonderful tool can be very ANNOYING.  Until recently the only thing that I personally thought to be bothersome, but excusable, about a typical trip using a GPS was that it could misinterpret where your vehicle was when you were too close to other streets or on big city interstate intersection like the famous Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta, Georgia, which is formally named the "Tom Moreland Interchange".  As you can see from the picture below, it is very easy and understandable for the confusion to exist.
Spaghetti Junction, Atlanta GA
Now that we have determined that there are excusable "glitches" lets talk about the annoying inexcusable glitches...

What is up with all these multiple street names for the same road????  On a recent commute to a larger city near me, while using my GPS, via Google MapsI discovered the MULTIPLE STREET NAME GLITCH!  

Does this happen to you??????????????????

It makes absolutely no sense to me that the exit that I am about to take should have 5 names associated with it.  Will that street have five different names throughout the course of it's existence??? Sure that is most definitely possible! Do I need to know EVERY ONE OF THEM before they are even 5, 10 or even 20 miles from me??? NO, I DO NOT!!!

Help me spread the word to rid the GPS world of the INEXCUSABLE SLASH! #HateTheSlash

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