About Me

I am Chantel, aka "The Blunt Brunette". 

It took me FOREVER to figure out the perfect name for this blog!

I have always been a very blunt, sarcastic and opinionated person. Over the years I have learned in my professional life how to be somewhat tactful but one thing that never changed was my blunt honesty. If you are sensitive or thin-skinned than you may take offense to what I say to you - especially if you ask for my opinion. If you are just as sarcastic as I am and have thick skin than we will be friends for life!

I recently married my soulmate who I call H3 (Hot and Handsome Husband). He and I actually met in 10th grade in our morning drama class in a small military town in central Georgia back in the 1990's. Yes 25 years ago!! Pre- Internet via AOL dialup! 

We each have children from previous marriages and are now spending our life blending our two families together.  It has been a true joy so far and we are looking forward to sooo many more years with our blended family.

It never fails!

Daily, I encounter things that....
At the end of the day when I reflect on the above items I may have encountered - I blog or vlog about it.  Some days I may just share something great about myself or my awesome family.  Regardless --- I hope you choose to follow me on one of my many social media accounts linked below or at the top left corner of this blog.
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Full Disclosure: I enjoy writing occasional sponsored posts for products and companies I use and love. Each sponsored post includes a disclosure at the top of the page identifying it as such.

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